Memorable Shorttripideas On This Holidays For You & Your Friends

Memorable Shorttripideas
Memorable Shorttripideas

Explore the best 15 offbeat destinations to visit with Memorable Shorttripideas on your weekend holidays to escape from bustling city life and refresh yourself amidst the mother nature.

Eighteen Best Offbeat Weekend Escapes to Take in India:

In other words, if you are in hunt of any vacation which will give your mind some peace then making a day at tourist places will not serve the purpose.

When you tired of your own personal weekly hectic schedule and the traffic and witnessing the usual flock of people then you should surely visit some offbeat places during your weekend off with Memorable Shorttripideas.

Around Mumbai:

Living in Mumbai means having a hectic timetable throughout the week. With all the noisy places and people around you, it is very tiring for body and brain. Spa as well as sleep cannot compensate for your inner peace. This is why it is advisable to go somewhere quiet.

Lonar Lake:

Located in the Buldhana district of Maharashtra, which is about 476 km by Mumbai, Lonar Lake will surely mesmerize you with its pure beauty. This place is home to rich flora.

This makes it the most effective offbeat destinations to spend your weekend near Mumbai. For camping enthusiasts, this is an excellent place to spend time under the starlit sky.

Sandhan Valley:

Around 183 km from Mumbai in Igatpuri lays Sandhan Valley, which also goes by the name, The Valley for Shadow because the gorge is quite narrow which disrupts the daylight from entering the passage through which the trekkers ought to pass.

Men and women also come here for camping, and if by any means you choose to continue to be here for a night then you can also enjoy Bonfire under the piece of stars. Sandhan Valley has not yet been a whole tourist spot but still is a destination for spending an end of amidst peace and beautiful nature with Memorable Shorttripideas.

Around Bengaluru:

Yes obviously, Bangalore is a lovely city with a nice climate. But when you are working in this city then sometimes non-e of this can soothe you. You might go for long guides or rides but that will not serve well, I think. To attain that unsurpassed peace of mind, just visit the following spots:


Dandeli is a town in the Uttara Kannada section in Karnataka is located in the Western Ghats region. Pertaining to 461 km away from the metropolitan city Bengaluru, this kind of place is sort of an untouched destination and is ideal for those that want to have a thrilling weekend.

Manchinbele Dam:

Manchinbele Dam, which located 40 km from Bangalore was made across River Arkavathy in Ramnagar district. This destination is an offbeat destination, which will be perfect for you if you are surviving in Bangalore. Here you can enjoy swimming, trekking up the mountains and even rock climbing.

Around Delhi:

There are also some of the best offbeat destinations for Delhiites to enjoy their weekends and depletion out their stress. A few of them withMemorable Shorttripideas.


Fagu might counted as one of the best offbeat places near Delhi. Should you prefer a break from your hectic weekly schedule, Fagu is a very amazing and less crowded place to visit just 361 km out of Delhi and is no more than 20 km from Shimla locale. To make your trip worth, it offers lot of activities to complete.


With the fabulous green mountains which attract the nature lovers, you can also look a few temples like Arjuneshwar Shiva, Nakuleshwar, Ghunsera Devi Temple which are ideal to visit for the Hindu devotees.


Distributed in over 7 Kms and only 275 Kms right from Delhi, lays a beautiful place named Kangojodi. Situated in Sirmour District of Himachal Pradesh, Kangojodi is a mesmerizing however an offbeat destination. You cannot miss taking a trip to a place like this using your family and friends with Memorable Shorttripideas.

Around Kolkata:

Kolkata is a place which has a lot of attractions and people go there round the year for experiencing vacations but if you ask locals, they might constantly be in look for of a place where they can ditch the hullabaloo on the city, and bask amidst tranquil ambience for sometimes. Good for them, there are a few offbeat places around Kolkata which could prove to be excellent weekend escapes.


Samsing is a smaller village in the Jalpaiguri district of West Bengal. You need to cover a distance of about 664 km from Kolkata in order to be here, but that night journey is worth it! This kind of destination is in between the Jalpaiguri and Darjeeling Districts, which is all about fascinating walks in the tea gardens, hills, and then the forest.

Moreover, save some time for the golden watch of Mt. Kanchenjunga during the sunset and astonishment offered by the amazing rocky island which is 5 km with Samsing.


Some 632 km from Kolkata can be a destination for those who want to spend their weekend enjoying in the less crowded, less polluted and green environment. Ornamented with Eastern Himalayas on the northern side and an extended stretch of forests make the place a lot pleasant with Memorable Shorttripideas.

Kolkata is a place which has a lot of attractions and people go there round the year for experiencing vacations but if you ask locals, they might constantly be in look for of a place where they can ditch the hullabaloo on the city, and bask amidst tranquil ambience for sometimes. Good for them, there are a few offbeat places around Kolkata which could prove to be excellent weekend escapes.

Around Chennai:

However, there are still some places around this community that remain hidden from the eyes of the tourists. Several of which are,


It located in the Anaimalai Mountains range of Western Ghats and is also known as the 7th cloud nine. The Sholayar Dam, Nallamudi viewpoint, and Aliyar Dam are a few places you can visit while here.


Just about 620 Kms from Chennai this site is very much soothing to the eyes. It has a lot of waterfalls which are the show stealers in this area.

Around Hyderabad:

In order to find certain solace after the hectic schedule Hyderabadis are always on a seek out places to escape. Though the city is fortunate enough to have various surreal places around as weekend getaways, there are several destinations that remain a secret shared between merely those who go an extra mile to explore.

Karim Nagar:

A superb spot to chill and get away from all the stress of the day to day life is Karimnagar. You will not find a lot of people here and also the environment is quiet and peaceful. It situated about the banks of a tributary of Godavari River. You can visit Elgandala fort, Jagityala fort, Kondagattu Swami Temple which has to see attractions for people on Memorable Shorttripideas.

Shamirpet Lake:

Shamirpet is a manufactured lake, which built during the Nizam reign. This lake allures a lot of birds making the spot good for bird watching, this can be the main thing that is enjoyable here along with the quietness. Currently just 31 km from Hyderabad, it makes quite a great weekend escape to spend some quality time watching the aircraft of beautiful birds amidst nature. Peace and happiness you can use.

Around Chandigarh:

When it comes to finding a weekend getaway next to Chandigarh, people living here have a lot of options. They might visit a few nearby places in Himachal Pradesh which might be certainly beautiful and are offbeat too.


You can enjoy the 38 Kms drive through apple orchards and set a camp in many places. People can also delight in trekking to Jalori Pass that situated some your five kms from Long Weekend Place To Go.


Known as an unexplored luxury in the Himalayas, Jibhi can be a spot for your weekend when you live in Chandigarh. You will find fascinating wooden houses and mls and miles of greenery here which are enough in order to the peace that your weekday schedule deprived you about. This Himachal’s best kept secre situated just 268 kilometres from the city of Chandigarh.


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