Filming and Editing and Getting Exposure For Your Video For YouTube


If you have considered creating a video to market your business or yourself on YouTube, you need to understand that there is a lot that goes into this process. Although the process can take some time, it is definitely worth it in terms of the exposure you will receive if you do it correctly. The first thing you need to take into consideration is the quality of the film you are creating. Quality is very important when you are creating your video so you want to make sure that you use a camera that can record in high definition so that your production doesn’t seem amateurish.

Once you have filmed your footage for your video, you will then need to
editing it and compile it into your final video that you want to upload. In order to edit your video, you are going to need third party software.

There are many video editing softwares available that you can purchase. The most popular on Windows is Sony Vegas Pro and Final Cut Pro on Mac. You may need to take a few lessons to learn to use this software but after browsing YouTube, you will be able to find a good tutorial series that can take you from amateur to pro in no time at all. Once you have
short clips edit your video to your liking and are happy with it, it is time to render the final product. Rendering the video will compile all the clips and effects you have added into your final file.

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Once you have this final file, you are ready to upload it to YouTube. Assuming you already have a YouTube account, you can go ahead and upload it. In the interface you are presented with when uploading your video, you will notice that there is an area to put in keywords. These keywords are going to be what helps your video get discovered so you need to choose these wisely. You need to brainstorm some words that are relevant to your video but are also words that people will be searching for. Once people search for the keywords you input, your video will be shown to them and this is how you will get exposure.

Another great method to getting exposure for your video will be to share it on all your social media platforms that you run. This will give you a good amount of views which will help your video to rank higher in the YouTube search engine and will be shown higher in the list when people search for your keywords.


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