Cheap Vacation Ideas On Your Weekend Holiday’s

Cheap Vacation Ideas
Cheap Vacation Ideas

It was a great weekend in London. Thank goodness it was sunny and hot! you didn’t have enough time to go on Cheap Vacation Ideas.

Cheap Vacation Ideas
Cheap Vacation Ideas

It was a great weekend in London:

Thank goodness it was sunny and hot! I didn’t have enough time to go to London before I leave the UK, so I won’t miss it. And Neil is right, it’s difficult to find a quiet attraction in London. It’s all crowded! As I told you, I’ve been several times in London, so I’d tried to visit some places that I haven’t visited yet.

One of them was Greenwich:

It’s very famous for giving the name to the Greenwich Meridian and Greenwich Mean Time. From Greenwich Park, after going uphill, you have great views of the Queen’s house and the National Historic Museum and behind all that the skyscrapers of Canary Wharf.


If you like the musicals and you go to London you shouldn’t leave without going to one of them! There are lots of shows and sometimes you can find cheap tickets and Cheap Vacation Ideas. Last summer I went to Billy Elliot and it was awesome! And last Friday I went to Wicked and it was very cool too! I additionally went to Candem Town, it’s always full of tourists, but I love the things that you can find there, many shops, food from every part of the world… And I went to see Amy Winehouse’s house.

Maybe it sounds a bit macabre and stupid, but I was a big fan of her music! There were flowers everywhere, pictures and drawings of her, cigarettes, bottles of alcohol… There was even a woman playing some of her songs as well as dancing. It was so sad! As I said, there are lots of people from everywhere in London, working or just visiting the city. I like this because that’s why you can find products from everywhere and meet people from different cultures.

But sometimes you feel like there’s space for no one else. I love London, but you should know that there are many beautiful places in the UK like Nottingham, Birmingham, Liverpool, the south coast, many palaces, houses. Sometimes I’ve asked the British if there’s something interesting in for example in Liverpool, and they don’t think there is! But I, as a tourist, find everything interesting with Cheap Vacation Ideas.

Time passes fast, doesn’t it? I’ll be home in just two weeks:

I have many places to visit and many delicious puddings to taste yet, I don’t think I have enough time! But I know that I’ll come back one day. It’s weird, many British wish you a chance to be retired to live in Spain and I’d like to finish my degree to come here.

Something that I would really miss is living with my host family. I think this will be my last summer working as u pair, as next year I’m planning to study in Germany with a scholarship. I’ve lived lots of good moments with them, and I’ve learnt a lot from them, not just English! As I always say, the girls which i look after are like my little sisters, although the eldest is already taller than me!

Thank all of you for reading and also commenting my blog this month! I’ve learnt a lot from you. And of course, I’d like to thank the BBC Learning English staff for giving me this great opportunity, especially to Neil! Thank you so much for your advice. And I’d like to apologize for not writing more often, I didn’t have enough time. Keep on learning English and if you have the chance, come to the UK on Best Long Weekend Trips.


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