Best Places To Travel Cheap Vacation Spots In The World

To Travel Cheap Vacation Spots
To Travel Cheap Vacation Spots

This is a list of the cheapest countries to visit this year. These destinations are affordable and offer To Travel Cheap Vacation Spots incredible experiences & epic adventures.


White sand beaches, world-class surfing, the best scuba diving in the world and several of the most picturesque jungle and rice paddy scenery, Philippines is without a doubt one of our favourite countries on Earth.
Currently, Dalam Negri is one of the most affordable places that we know about. 1 US dollars will get you around 14, 500 rupiah, which is a single, 000 more rupiah than in 2018. Six years ago you’d simply get 9, 050 rupiahs to the dollar.

The only thing honestly, that is not of great value is alcohol. Bintang beer is nothing to write residence about, but it’s affordable at around $1. 55 – $3 at a beach bar or restaurant in addition to imported beer is around twice the price.


Mexico is incredibly affordable these days thanks to a struggling peso added to any already affordable cost of living. At the time of writing, the US dollar is in 19. 6 pesos which is incredible. When we To Travel Cheap Vacation Spots in this article back in 2019, the dollar was at 12. 8 pesos and even then we thought it was good value for money.

No matter once you come, Mexico will shock you with its great importance. 50 plus strong margaritas served to you while your feet are left in the sand for just $1 each. You’ll find very affordable internal flights with Viva Aerobus and Aeromexico, and even cheap long-distance bus rides.


Oh yes, if you love it or hate it, and even if you do enjoy it you probably also hate it, India one of the most exhilarating travelling destinations on earth. Chaotic and tranquil. Pristine and mucky. Friendly and furious. Free and frustrating. India will be the epitome of all the oxymoronic experiences that make travel so awesome. While India is likely the most exciting and bewildering location to travel, it’s also probably the cheapest.

50 and drank fresh lime juice squeezed on the avenue for 15 cents a glass. We had free holiday accommodation in ashrams (it doesn’t get much cheaper than that) and when paying for our hotels, we had decent but simple double rooms for around $3 per night.


After backpacking Colombia in late 2016, it quickly established itself amongst our favourite countries we’ve ever been to be able to. Friendly people, incredibly pristine and lush jungles, stunning Speaking Spanish colonial cities and breathtaking beaches, Colombia is a traveller’s dream.
The Colombian peso saw a massive drop lately which unfortunately isn’t good for local economies and Colombians trying to travel, but it does give To Travel Cheap Vacation Spots an added bonus to visit this incredible country.

Luckily the peso has begun to stabilize again slightly and at the time of creating it’s sitting at around 3, 300 pesos for the US dollar. This means that everything in Colombia is a great benefit for travellers. Whether you’re visiting with a dollar, single pound, euro, yen or yuan, Colombia is a better package now than it’s ever been.

A few Cuba:

If you’re looking for a cheap destination to visit in the Caribbean, then Cuba tops the list! You can travel here on an all-inclusive, but if you choose to travel to Cuba independently, you’ll have a very far richer experience and it’ll cost you less. At a discount country, Cuba is one of your best bets.

Stunning shorelines, the unique Caribbean and Spanish vibe, tasty cooking (contrary to belief), friendly people and incredible landscapes, Cuba is actually a diverse country that needs to be on your list. For Americans, it is very possible to travel to Cuba if you travel under one of the granted categories. People To People is what most people choose To Travel Cheap Vacation Spots. But, it’s still a confusing process for our Us friends.


Back to the particular truly great value destinations for 2019, Bulgaria is just about the cheapest country we’ve been to in Europe. With stunning old towns, phenomenal wine, lovely coastline and very friendly and ailak (relaxed) people, Bulgaria is also certainly one of our favourites in the region.

When we went to Bulgaria in 2019 we were blown away by the incredible value we got for our dollars. On one occasion, Dariece, myself and also a friend sat in a restaurant bar for over 5 several hours. We ate a massive platter of meat, veggies, and bread and drank copious amounts of wine.

South Africa:

One of the most adventure packed and naturally blessed countries on the planet, this list wouldn’t be complete without our most liked country in Africa. South Africa offers visitors too much to view in any trip under 6 months. With a rugged and gorgeous coastline, incredible wildlife, extremely friendly people, tasty Indi-afro fusion food, decent roads and great prices, you truly can’t beat SA.

We believe that this country on the to the south tip of the continent is the perfect beginner’s stepping natural stone into the more chaotic and rustic travel of additional countries in the region. South Africa is relatively easy To Travel Cheap Vacation Spots, especially if you hire your own car (highly recommended).


Possibly the most open-handed of the countries in this area, Turkey attracts visitors with the most exciting and beautiful capital cities on Earth, Istanbul. Plus, the us offers a blissfully alluring Mediterranean coastline, amazingly friendly folks (especially in the east) and an intoxicating Islamic lifestyle and architecture.

Every time we visit Turkey we are astonished by the value for money found here. You can eat delicious meals with traditional Turkish food for $5. Portions here are usually so massive that you could share a meal and that cost. Appetizing kebabs are just a couple of dollars on the street and you can acquire lovely guest house rooms here for under $20 or night (more in the major cities).


We have to include the land of smiles about this list of cheap travel destinations for 2019. Thailand has long been one of our favourite countries in the world and the budget backpacker that still resides deep inside our souls rejoices whenever we return. There are numerous places to visit in Thailand – no matter whether you want National Parks, jungles, cities or islands, there are a place in Thailand for you.

Thailand simply offers some of the best value for money you can find everywhere on earth. Lovely guest houses and beach huts on the sand for as little as $15 / night, hot and mouth-watering Thai dishes for under $2 a platter, and scuba diving for under $20 a dive makes Thailand a constant competitor as one of the Travel On Budget countries in the world.

A holiday in Greece:

If this list was in the order of most beautiful as well as best value for money, Greece would no doubt be near the leading. It’s amazing how a place so beautiful, set proper in the Mediterranean, can be so affordable.

Greece has been around the Euro since the start of 2002, so while there is a 16% devaluation of the Euro in recent years, Greece was constantly affordable, but perhaps never as much as it is today. Thus perhaps Greece more than any country on this list can benefit from more tourism.


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